Fleet Management

Conveniently manage your fleet with live tracking,
drive history, event notifications, maintenance alerts,
trip planning and extensive reports.

What We Do

Fleet Hunt provides real time fleet tracking and fleet management solutions to existing business problems. Using GPS technology with cellular/satellite networks it is the most effective way to have full control over your assets at your fingertips.

With easy to understand insights, fleet managers can observe and improve driving behaviors making their task a safer and economical experience. Customizable reports are available on web portal for business to business consumers for more efficient, safer, cost effective monitoring and better route planning.

Accurate tracking

What you see is exactly what is happening, Fleet Hunt Technology will not fall short in providing you with accurate information.

Extensive Reports

An operator is able to review either daily reports or reports from any defined timeframe. We provide all sort of industry standard reporting such as over speeding, ignition, distance travelled and custom reports.


Receive instant notifications on your smart device with alerts based on your specified interests.


Live Tracking

Track your investment anytime, anywhere! This feature gives you the ability to accurately check your asset`s live status with an exact location and vehicle activity.

Geo Fencing

This gives an operator the ability to create a map boundary. This will enable the operator to receive a notification every time a set boundary has been crossed.

History Playback

The ability to reflect on the past in order to create a more effective strategy for the future is a major factor to any business or individual in maximizing productivity.


Route Navigation

Enter in a location and let our navigation feature take you to your destination. We provide a simple to use, user friendly interface with advanced mapping technology.

Notification Alerts

Application alerts play a major role towards contributing to an effortless client experience, you have the ability you select what notifications you would like to receive on your vehicle`s status.


This feature provides you with a detailed account of your asset based on a time frame of your choice; you can monitor the status of your vehicle all the time.

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Fleet Tracking Systems are used for

  • Minute by minute fleet tracking along with vehicle routing and dispatch updates.
  • Monitoring schedule adherence of fleet in service along with immediate notifications upon requested device notifications by the operator.
  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Fleet Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Field Service Management
  • Field Sales
  • Trailer Tracking
  • Surveillance
  • Transist Tracking
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Distance Calculation


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